We offer you with the new SUPERSPORT series special devices that are innovative and exceptional in terms of stability and comfort. Success was always in detail: If your Studio has to be something special and you want to offer your customers a special training experience,  you will find the right partner with us.

Our newly developed series of fitness equipment has excellent biomechanical functionality, technical quality, German reliability and is designed for professional charges. After many years of development we are proud to have started with our equipment the next generation of power devices.

Our best exercise selection offers 19 real strength equipment for an effective and especially convenient weight training. Our devices can be also used for for medical indexed training.

The control is effected by a transponder medium such as a smart card, a bracelet or in the future via a smartphone – thus achieve your goals through better training more effective and faster – you save pointless hours with repeated device setups. As soon as you are connected the electric motor adjusts the seat position and the training weight automatically customized to the user  within seconds.
The system collects data of your workout. The separate reading out of a storage medium is no longer necessary. The electronically controlled training is linked to the Studio software, this provides extensive opportunities to document your workouts.

This is all done by using high-quality processed training machines, which can be adapted to the physical condition and the height of the athlete class. Our fitness equipment can be used very good with the adjustability of seat and backrest cushion, the possibility of setting accurate weights and accurate training instruction to each unit. With regular use the desired muscle groups can be set up as needed.